Creative writing cruise ship

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creative writing cruise ship

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This article needs additional citations for verification. Amidst a storm, Captain John Finnegan and his crew, Joey Panuchi and Leila, are hired by mercenaries Hanover, Mulligan, Mason, Billy, T-Ray, Mamooli, and Vivo to pilot their boat across the South China Sea to an undisclosed location in the middle of the ocean. Finnegan’s boat collides with a speedboat shaken loose during the collision, at which point the mercenaries take over and reveal they intend to rob the Argonautica’s passengers and vault, before sinking the ship with torpedos.

The group boards the ship, leaving Leila and Billy behind to repair the boat, where they are both killed by the same creature. Under questioning, Canton is found to be responsible for the ship’s sabotage, having hired the mercenaries to sink the unprofitable ship so that he could collect on the insurance.

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