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creative writing instructor employment

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Jump to navigation Jump to search This article is about interpretation of natural languages. Interpreting is a translational activity in which one produces a first and final translation on the basis of a one-time exposure to an expression in a source language. The most common two modes of interpreting are simultaneous interpreting, which is done at the time of the exposure to the source language, and consecutive interpreting, which is done at breaks to this exposure. Interpreting is an ancient human activity which predates the invention of writing.

However, the origins of the profession of interpreting date back to less than a century ago. A painting showing a doctor explaining the outcome of an operation to his servant, who acts as an interpreter. Research on the numerous sides of the history of interpreting is quite new.

For as long as most scholarly interest was given to professional conference interpreting, very little academic work was done on the practice of interpreting in history, and until the 1990s, only a few dozen publications were done on it. Considering the amount of interpreting activities that is assumed to have occurred for thousands of years, historical records are limited.