Creative writing rainy season

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creative writing rainy season

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AMC announced the series’ cancellation in July 2012, but picked it up for a third season after a renegotiation with Fox Television Studios and Netflix. The Killing was again cancelled by AMC in September 2013, but Netflix announced in November 2013 that it had ordered a fourth season consisting of six episodes to conclude the series. The first season covers the first two weeks of the investigation of the murder of local teenager Rosie Larsen and has three main storylines: the police investigation into Rosie’s murder, the Larsen family’s attempts to deal with their grief, and the fluctuating electoral fortunes of a political campaign that becomes embroiled in the case. The season resumes the investigation into the murder and reveals secrets about the Larsen family as well as a possible conspiracy within the campaign race and the Seattle police department.

The Larsen murder case gets closed with the discovery of those involved in it. A year after the Rosie Larsen case, Stephen Holder searches for a runaway girl and uncovers a string of murders connected to one of Sarah Linden’s previous murder investigations.

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