Creative writing uc berkeley extension

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creative writing uc berkeley extension

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creative writing uc berkeley extension

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I think training did give me a leg up in a lot of ways. I had done a good deal of desultory proofreading and editing before going in for a formal certificate program, but the class work really consolidated and clarified a lot of ideas I’d been a bit vague on before. I’d never really had proper feedback on what I was doing—either there wasn’t time or the customer didn’t know any better than I did.

I’d had more chutzpah, I could have done just as well on my own. All the same, I really liked being part of a community of editors, and I liked getting pats on the back from my teachers. I came out of the training much more confident in my own ability to adapt and find my feet in the freelance world. UK proofreader Louise Harnby believes that both training and experience are necessary. They are not the same thing.