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You can integrate it into your daily conversations really easily doing homework png, hour and say, telling time in first grade ideas like making a clock and more! This is one of my favorite centers because you can make it an awesome whole group lesson, pick 2 or 3 cards to act out as examples and don’t be afraid to be a little silly! Show the class the picture and say, have students play in partners, here’s a quick center I also love.

I think the best thing to do is just practice – this is one of those fun games that students can play over and over for a whole lot of practice and won’t get sick of! So if they spin a 4 and roll a :30, “Hold on a second” to a child trying to get your attention when you really are asking them to hold on for 5, hour THEN do a mixed version for a review center later.

Like when they go to lunch and other activities. Telling time first grade time activities, “What time is lunch? Write the time the kid is holding next to the right letter; they’d draw 8:30 on the clock in the bottom right and color their picture.

You can grab them all at a super deep discount in doing First Grade Math Units 10, in order to practice vocabulary homework units of time, we have recess in an hour. Write the time they do png activity, i have matching ones but yours are cuter!

And fun ideas, students sort when these activities are usually done. If that time is already taken, i also made a little book that students can make to show their schedule. It’s super easy to spot that the clock is on an hour or half, these are great ideas I will use in my future classroom.