Medical transcription homework help

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medical transcription homework help

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There are many different opportunities that are available in the Health Information Management field. Some of these opportunities include medical coding. Specialties include inpatient, outpatient, emergency room, and physician evaluation and management coding. The main difference between coding outpatient and inpatient is the procedure codes. Keep in mind that ICD-9 diagnoses codes are used for both outpatient and inpatient coding.

Generally, it is said that outpatient coding is easier and typically considered entry level coding. A patient’s average length of stay is of course longer if they are an inpatient admit so coding these charts will usually have a higher reimbursement value and will likely be more complex, compared to a patient being seen for an outpatient same day surgery. It is essential that you master the coding guidelines in order to accurately code. Compliance is of utmost importance, especially with the establishment of Medicare Recovery Audit Contractors which has recouped almost a billion dollars in overpayments to healthcare providers across the country. The purpose of this blog is provide a supplemental resource to help master inpatient and outpatient coding.

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