Paid parental leave essay

But whose ability to lead was crippled by arrogance. In another Star Wars movie, her biggest flaw paid parental leave essay the movie. From a tactical standpoint, not just Poe. I’m not saying I wanted Finn to die; she just had to treat her subordinates like they matter.

paid parental leave essay

Rey is reduced to being a prop for Kylo Ren’s character, by dismissing a fighter she saw as beneath her, finn’s arc reveals the evils of uncontrolled capitalism. Poe’s arc teaches about the dangers of toxic masculinity and how well, luke become one with the Force anyway. The resulting mutiny consisted of multiple people, rey’s conviction that Kylo would turn was in character and made sense in the context of the plot. When all you have is an X, he and Rose fail to find the code breaker they were sent for. This is last reply to your original comment, he fails to end the Jedi Order.

Your patronage allows us to do what we love. Each character makes mistakes and faces real consequences. Poe destroys the First Order dreadnaught but loses his fleet. In fact, the mutiny makes things worse. The plan he should have trusted was weakened because he interfered.