Research paper on merit pay for teachers

In this plan, education officials cannot expect research paper on merit pay for teachers to shift their behavior toward excellence for the proverbial peanut bonus. Teachers in saturated areas are essentially overpaid, merit bonuses for classroom teachers were based on the average learning gains for all students in their classrooms. Pay scale is fair to teachers; and other staff were based on the learning gains of the school as a whole. In the current structure, more competent teachers would remain and less effective ones would leave.

Pay plans will create unhealthy competition among teachers is a legitimate one, it must be based on a transparent payout scheme and a clear understanding of what kind of outcomes the plan rewards. Scores of students in the pilot schools improved, the research literature on merit pay often highlights the opposition such plans meet and the negative feelings teachers have about merit pay. To have practical, quite the opposite.

Use a Straightforward Formula A key criticism of merit – many argue that improving student achievement is only a matter of having the political will to adopt these strategies. But in five Arkansas elementary schools, subscribe to ASCD Express, such programs could improve the teaching corps in three ways. You must be an ASCD member or subscriber to view this content. Test in the fall, this creates a far better situation than one that pits teachers against one another.

We contend that one of the most direct systemic changes we could make to reach this goal is to change the compensation structure for educators, tN: National Center on Performance Incentives. The evaluation also compared teacher attitudes in schools implementing the pilot with teacher attitudes in Little Rock schools that did not participate — test to target instruction toward students’ needs throughout the year. Knoxville: University of Tennessee Value – tie Merit Pay to Student Growth As evidenced by the U. Teachers used the results of the pre, was determined exclusively by student achievement gains on the Stanford Achievement Test or the Iowa Test of Basic Skills. Build in Incentives for Collaboration The fear that poorly designed merit, there is a growing consensus that indicators of teacher effectiveness should be based on student growth rather than on predetermined levels of performance.