Vt creative writing

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vt creative writing

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In computing, x86 virtualization refers to hardware virtualization for the x86 architecture. In the late 1990s x86 virtualization was achieved by complex software techniques, necessary to compensate for the processor’s lack of virtualization support while attaining reasonable performance.

The following discussion focuses only on virtualization of the x86 architecture protected mode. In protected mode the operating system kernel runs at a higher privilege such as ring 0, and applications at a lower privilege such as ring 3. In software-based virtualization, a host OS has direct access to hardware while the guest OSs have limited access to hardware, just like any other application of the host OS.

A number of key data structures used by a processor need to be shadowed. This involves denying the guest OS any access to the actual page table entries by trapping access attempts and emulating them instead in software.

O device emulation: Unsupported devices on the guest OS must be emulated by a device emulator that runs in the host OS. On traditional mainframes, the classic type 1 hypervisor was self-standing and did not depend on any operating system or run any user applications itself.